Repair Plan

Consider how much we rely on the appliances we use every day? What happens if one of them all of a sudden breaks down? Finding a professional to repair your appliances if they were to break down due to irregular maintenance or even due to power outages, would take time and energy. Even with proper maintenance breakdowns do occur, so it’s always good to have a back up plan. With a repair agreement from All Appliance Service, you can save time and protect your budget from unexpected breakdowns and repairs on your major home appliances.

With our Repair Agreement Plan, you can protect your appliances from costly repairs and unnecessary expenses. Unlike other service plans on the market, our Repair Plan offers you protection on normal wear and tear malfunctions and power outage damage.

Why choose us?

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All Appliance Service Repair Plan

Typical Retailer’s Plan


Normal wear and tear malfunctions and POWER OUTAGE DAMAGE ONLY normal wear and tear malfunctions

When does coverage start?

Immediately after plan purchase 30-60 days after plan purchase (pre-existing conditions or failures that occur during the wait period will not be covered)

Receiving Service

All claims will be handled within 24hrs after claim has been placed. Customers waits from 48-36 hours for service

Repair Technicians

Factory trained technicians from All Appliance Service will be providing repair services. Will ask customer to find a technician/company to do the repair

Monthly cost per appliance

Pay as little as $9.52/month for appliance when you purchase the 7-appliance package Customers pay $35-$45 each month for a single appliance with other plans

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Top Coverage Features

No-hassle Claim Process Claims can be filed 24/7

Service Scheduled at Your Convenience

Up to 7 Appliances Under One Plan

Convenient Payment Options

100% Factory Certified Parts and Technicians

Only Pre-Qualified Technicians

U.S. Based Customer Care Center

Repair Plan Sales Department

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